Pellets - All about our pellets

All about pellets and their benefits

Greater energy efficiency and high heating capacity
Low ash content (less than 1%)
Low water content (less than 8%)
Low demand for storage space (approx. 650 kg/m3)
Fully automatic unattended operation and regulation
Low production of combustion emissions
Acceptable price per unit of heat
full substitute for other types of heating fuel
There are no dangerous accidental cluttering burner
Renewable energy source for heating

  • Pellets - prices

    Type of pellets Retail price for 1 ton
    Wood pellets (dark) 165€
    Spruce pellets (bright) 175€
    Industrial pellets 145€
  • Where we can use wood pellets?

    Wood pellets are highly comfortable homogeneous heating fuel.Pellets are easy to store, and good heating controllable. Comfort is similar to that for gas heating. The pellet is the name for the granules with circular section. Diameter 6-8 mm and length 30-40mm. They are made of high-grade wood materials - sawdust and shavings, which are pressed (pelletizing). The wood raw material is pure natural material that does not contains harmful substances. The burning of pellets formed a very small amount of ash. In addition to using pellets for heating, the pellets can be used as a sanitary litter under domestic animals.

  • Bright vs Dark pellets

    Wooden ecological pellets are produced from renewable sources without chemical additives and without adhesives. Not clog the chimney with pitch and have absolutely minimal ash content. Pellets can be divided according to the raw materials on light and dark pellets. The color and quality of the pellets decided that from what wood the pellet was produced and what was the raw material proportion of bark. Bright pellets are produced from higher quality debarked wood and have light brown colour, (according to the proportion of spruce sawdust to almost white, or pine sawdust more to brown colour). Important is that the particles contain no bark. Dark pellets are made of wood with bark and have a dark brown color with visible particles of bark.

    Heat value: 18,5 MJ/kg Residual ash content: only 0,28 - 0,38 % Diameter: 6 mm

    Purpose: Pellets are primarily intended for heating houses or cottages, to pellet boilers, seasonal and year-round. Packing: 15 kg pockets/ 70 pockets on 1 pallet; 10 kg pockets/ 105 pockets on 1 pallet; i.e. 1 PALLET = 1,050 ton

    Using: When put into the container, follow the manufacturer's instructions for your boiler.