All about briquettes and their benefits

All about briquettes and their benefits

made of hardwood (RUF)
minimum ash content
possibly to break into smaller pieces as necessary
by burning increases its volume by up to 50%
heat value 18,5 MJ/kg, i.e. more than lignite
not produce tar and not clogged chimney
acceptable price per unit of heat
full substitute for other types of heating fuel
very practical to store, better than pellets
renewable energy source for heating

  • Briquettes - Prices

    Briquettes types Retail price for 1 ton
    Wooden briquettes (classic) 145€
    RUF briquettes 147€
  • Use of briquttes

    Wood briquettes can be used basically in all types of heaters , Suitable for boilers for wood and coal, open fireplaces and fireplace inserts , and also for stoves. najvyššiu výhrevnost dosiahnete , when you burn woodbriquettes in the boiler to wood-gas. This is because of a very low moisture pressed wood chips , a teda ich vysokou výhrevnosťou, is greater than the conventional heating wood. Heating value of briquettes je 5.0 kWh/kg,residual moisture is 5.5%.

    1. Spread the fire using firelighters If you have not firelighters chips, you can chop 1-2 wood briquettes to about 3-5 cm wide pieces.chips from softwood.
    2. Fire make the full-throttle of air properly flared. When the embers glowing red, poke it evenly over the entire surface of the heater and close the air inlet.
    3. You put on fiery base 3 - 6 wooden briquettes, depending on the size of the heater.
    4. Brikety sa po cca 10 - 20 minútach rozhoria and continue to burn for several tens of minutes. After the fire is extinguished heat as coal, and thus generate heat in your home that you need.

    With wooden briquettes can heat in all types of wood boilers, coal boilers or fireplaces, tile stoves and hotspots. Result of heating depends on the size of the heater, atmospheric pressure and chimney draft.

  • Briquettes storage

    Briquettes should be stored in dry and enclosed spaces or can be use the open covered area. In the dry storage briquettes have basically unlimited shelf life. Thanks stackability pallets and packages are considerably reduced space requirements for storage. A method of packaging in recyclable PE film ensures briquettes low sensitivity to atmospheric moisture. Cold and damp briquettes not bothered but direct contact with water briquettes harmful.

    Heating value: 18,5 MJ/kg Residual ash content: iba do 0,28 - 0,38 % Diameter: 6 mm

    Purpose: Eko-pellets primarily intended for heating homes, cottages, to pelleting boilers, seasonal and year-round. Packing: 15 kg pockets/ on pallets 70 pockets; 10 kg pockets/ on pallets 105 pockets; tj. 1 PALLETS = 1,050 ton

    Use: When put into the container, follow the instructions of the manufacturer of your boiler.